What is the Process of Joining?

We have several groups of men of varying background and ages and are ideally made up of seven men.

What is the process for joining?
1. Men typically find out about our groups by viewing an online classified ad, finding our web site or referral from someone in a group. Men respond by calling our intake line and leaving a message or by sending an email. A trained volunteer screener returns calls. Screeners assess suitability of each prospect for participation in a group. We encourage diversity in membership.

2. We attempt to meet each prospective member’s needs through the group. If this is not appropriate, a referral is made to a professional psychotherapist or another community resource. These are peer support groups and not therapy groups. All men are expected to balance giving and receiving feedback.

3. As appropriate men will either be referred to an existing group looking for new members or when approximately eight men have been identified as having compatible needs a new group is formed. An EBMN volunteer facilitates the initial meetings.

4. For new groups issues such as commitment, trust, confidentiality and attendance are explored at the first meeting.The group quickly becomes independent. Screeners provide ongoing support, guidance and referrals for existing groups.

Does it cost money to join?
We depend on a nominal fee ($15 every six months) for administrative costs, phone expenses, mailings, ads and community events.

How do I Join?
You can email or call us at 510 473 6367 (510-473-MENS) or ebmensnetwork@gmail.com. A volunteer will respond to an initial screening.

Are there other men’s groups?
Yes, here are some around the Bay Area:

Name Facilitation Contact Info
Bay Area Wide
East Bay Nation of Men Peer http://www.ebnom.org/
Tribe of Men Peer http://www.tribeofmen.com/
East Bay
Doug von Koss Professional www.dougvonkoss.com
Power Passion and Purpose Professional Alan Ptashek’s Berkeley office at (510) 653-7098
San Francisco
Depth-oriented relational work Professional Rob Schene MFTi @ 415-263-0691 or Jordan Wolfe MFTi @ 415-319-0318
North Bay
Marin City: Power Passion and Purpose Professional Alan Ptashek at (415) 924-2865

We are a part of larger men’s networks at