Oakland Men’s Peer-Support Groups


Mission Statement
Our purpose is to build community and friendship through sharing our life concerns with other men. We are an affiliation of small groups of men dedicated to the concept of peer support with the leadership function shared by all. Each group meets weekly on a rotational basis at one of the member’s homes. Members live within an easy drive of Oakland, CA. Each member is encouraged to develop his facilitation and active-listening skills, and be willing to give and receive feedback. While participation can complement individual therapy, these are support groups, not therapy substitutes. All members are expected to give group a high priority.

Our groups provide a place where you can

  • be safe to share feelings and viewpoints
  • lessen isolation
  • build friendships

If you’d like to learn more please read about how we operate and why join to learn more. If you’re ready to join, please visit our join now page.